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  • We Are Your Walnut Superstore

    tab 1A.V.A Prime Limited is a Scottish company based in Glasgow, UK. We import and distribute in-shell walnuts, walnut kernels and other nuts.The company has warehouses in Scotland and England, which allows us to swiftly deliver orders to our customers all around the UK.

    We have capacity to provide uninterrupted supplies of top quality walnuts for all your baking, confection and food processing needs and cater to any quality and quantity requirements of our customers. Walnuts we supply are always from the latest harvest and vacuum packed to preserve freshness.

  • Our Products

    walnut-frontWalnuts have great nutritional value and numerous health benefits.We currently sell wholesale and are in the process of introducing to market our retail packages. To order a free sample or get a qoute for required quantity just click on relevant weblinks. Choose from a range of smaller and medium size packages from our eShop.

    All our wholesale products are vacuum packed (2 x 5kg vacuum sealed bags in a carton box ) to preserve maximum quality and freshness. Our packing ensures excellent quality as all products are properly sealed to avoid oxidation and to maximise shelflife. Walnuts can be stored for a long time if strored properly in airtight containers, in dry and cool conditions, or refrigirated.

AVA Prime Limited Importer and Distributor of Walnuts, Other Nuts and Snacks.

Sourcing our walnuts directly from walnut growers and sorters in their countries of origin allows us to offer the most competitive wholesale prices and select the best quality available.

We offer the best quality walnuts and walnut kernels together with unbeatable prices unmatched by any walnuts selling wholesale, retail and online competitors on the market. We have the capacity to cater to any requirements of our customers as regards quantity, regular supply cycles and packaging. We are able to supply any quantities to cater to your production requirements.

We offer the most competitive small bulk wholesale walnuts and walnuts kernels prices. We also currently offer hazelnuts at a very competitive price. Ava Prime currently offer walnut kernels (light halves and pieces) from the latest harvest. Our main walnuts supplier is the largest sorter and processor of walnuts in Ukraine, Faeton-Group LLC. We always have a large stock and can dispatch your order within hours.

Many of our customers are bakeries, wholesale food distributors and processors who value our products consistency and the high quality of the products we supply.

To order a free sample or get a quote just click on the relevant links. Please visit our Shop to buy smaller in-shell walnut quantities and walnut kernels packages. All our wholesale and bulk walnut kernels are vacuum or Nitrogen packed to preserve maximum quality and freshness, to avoid oxidation and to extend shelf life of our walnuts.

AVA Prime is currently offering a range of snacks Faeton and Punch produced by Faeton- Group LLC in Ukraine. Please contact us by email to make enquiries regaring our range of nut and dried fruit snacks and to place your orders. This range of snacks is also available for wholesale buyers and distributors.



Our Products

 Our packaging fully preserves freshness and taste qualities of the products. 

These are the following options for packaging of our walnuts:

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Walnut Health Benefits

Walnuts, a rich source of omega-3 fat and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), improve artery function after a high fat meal and may be even more important in a Mediterranean-type diet than olive oil in promoting heart health. See link.

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Large Inventory

A large stock of fresh walnuts. Shipment within 48 hours. UK delivery within 2-5 days.
The latest season crop now available. Fresh and delicious walnuts delivered to your door. Most competitive prices online.

Overseas Shipping

We currently only ship within the UK. Customers outside the UK wishing to purchase please contact us.


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Order a free sample from us to taste the quality of our walnuts. More Info...

Nutrition Facts


Walnuts, a rich source of omega-3 fat and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), improve artery function after a high fat meal and may be even more important in a Mediterranean-type diet than olive oil in promoting heart health. More Info...